Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Iran's military arsenal, which stunned the world

IRAN, Islamic countries are probably identical with the "servants" who are well known, respected, revered friend and foe, but also target the U.S. and Israel propaganda and his minions who seemed on fire with the stretching of this country, the figure of a "servant" is Mahmud Ahmadinejad .

Under his reign, Iran as a country that "magic" in the view of the western world even, magically because the embargo imposed by western countries, Iran science grew rapidly. Iran seemed to provide an overview to the other countries that in fact the Muslim world in particular and the country in general, it is enough to be a helper of God for us.

Here is a glimpse of the development of science, especially in the military iran :

New Ballistic Missile Named "Kautsar" :

Chief of Staff of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Air Force Marshal Hussein Salami declare Republican Guard Forces (Pasdaran) Iran successfully tested a new ballistic missile on the second day of the naval war exercises with the password "The Noble Prophet. He said the latest ballistic missile named "Kautsar" produced in the country that has the ability to be directed towards a number of targets at the same time. In addition, the missile would not be detected radar.

Hot, type Torpedo Underwater World's Fastest

Islamic Republic of Iran successfully test an underwater torpedo capable of traveling at 100 meters per second. This was conveyed by Commander Naval Forces Revolutionary Guards Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, in an interview with IRIB News Channel. According Fadavi, was successfully conducted trials on the third day of war games with Sandi Noble Prophet, which was held in waters off southern Iran.

Fadavi said that this new type of missile was the fastest in the world, because so far, the fastest missile in the world is only capable of moving at a speed of 25 meters per second. According to him anyway, which is named Hoot missile is capable of carrying warheads powerful. With great strength and speed like that, certainly there will be no aircraft carriers or submarines that can escape from this missile shot.

As I mentioned there are only two countries in the world capable of producing an underwater missile, the other specifications Fadavi also menyatakankan Hoot missiles Iran is able to qualify for the production of radar detection

Shahab-3 missile

Shahab-3 missile which has a range that can reach farther Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf region. These missiles have a range as far as 2,000 km. Capable of carrying explosives weighing 750 kilograms to 1,000 kilograms.

Iran to End the military weapons Supremacy Apache helicopters of U.S. production

Military officials declared the Islamic Republic of Iran Iran's military was able to produce a special weapon that can shoot down an Apache helicopter.

Colonel Nasser Arab-Beigi, head of the self-sufficiency in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), yesterday (2/2) said the special weapons that can destroy tanks also advanced.

Pressed, this new weapon will put an end to the supremacy of made​​-in America helicopter, Apache, on the battlefield.

cannon Hanud

Iran's Defense Ministry has made anti-missile system capable of crushing cruise missiles and other flying objects at low altitude, expressed Iran's Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi the Fars news agency on Sunday (02/05)

"Experts in the Ministry of Defense in making a successful close air artillery system capable of firing 4000 rounds per minute," said Vahidi
Jet F-4E Phantom fighter armed with missiles AGM-65 Mavericks

Jet F-4E Phantom fighter armed with AIM-9P Sidewinders missiles, equipped with tanks 600 gallons of fuel in the middle section and two wing tanks 370 gallons each. (Photo: Fars)

Rudal Nour

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